I’ve had the priveledge of working with Vell for a handful of years now, and to say that I’ve learned a lot from this extremely bright and talented songwriter just isn’t saying enough.  He is a visual writer to say the least, he’s detailed, he tells a story.  He’ll ask you what you feel the song is about, he’ll react to your reactions on the spot…and before you can finish your sentence, you can see his thoughts forming before you.  And he’s observant; he’ll tap into who you are as an artist, get a feel for your style almost immediately, and understand your overall musical perception, then confidently bring out the best in you and your capabilities.  In the past few years, I have been introduced to a number of different writing styles from LaVell. He has written HITS on my debut album, full of punch…fun, witty, “in your face” lyrics; and to prove his versitality, he also embraces the stong, slow vibe songs with killer melodies and that have really showcased my vocal ability.  It is so important to work with a songwriter who can pull that core out of you, push you to your limit and bring out these extra layers and textures that you may not even know you have as an artist.  Being a singer himself, he has the advantage of knowing what is going to be believable to each individual singer.  He is the most chill guy ever too, so easy to work with because he listens to you, the artist, first and foremost.  I refer him to anyone who wants a hit record with unforgettable songs and lyrics, or for anyone who just wants to learn songwriting skills that will advance your career. Watch for him, he’s the next big thing.

Mandy Barry – Jambuzzer recording artist –  http://mandybarry.com

Whats up Peoples…!

I had the honor of working with Lavell aka Young Vocals the past 2 yrs, not only professionally but personally he is an amazing person/Artist. Lavell to me brings more to the table than just a bunch of words with great melody. He brings passion, excitement and most of all originality.
Young Vocals has written about 8 songs in my album and not only did he deliver the written part but also took part in the recording aspects when the time came to record vocals. He was involved from start to finish. He has great passion and interest in every project he works on, at times it’s a personal mission as he wanted every project to be better than the next for me, Now that’s getting your moneys worth.!!

This young man brings along with his amazing writing skills an amazing voice which you will all take witness to in my album. How can I not use that voice on my record.. From Chi-town to NY that Voice has been making Noise. Young Vocal’s Thank you for all your hard work and passion most of all thank you for the person and Artist you are. God bless playa.! You are a true success!!
KR Morales
Feel free to check out the links below..Enjoy!


I would like to say that if you are looking for a hit song; be it a nice, slow and laid back record or a club banger that you can’t get the chorus out of your head, then you can turn to Lavell to deliver. He has consistently went above and beyond my expectations when I’ve turned to him in the past and look forward to teaming up with him in the near future! No matter what you may need for a song, from a verse to the chorus and even the bridge, if you call on Lavell, you will be more than satisfied. Let’s make great music!!!

Jboogie – Producer/Engineer  –  http://soundcloud.com/district365

What up,dis da boy hurt, Allprofit Allprofit. let me tell yall about the youngvocals. The kid is the hottest writer eva. When i first met him he was tellin me he sang and he was a writer. I just played it  to the back,like neva mind  yeah whateva. It came a time he was like ima get on dis track wit u and he was gone write the chorus and a bridge to da the song.  The beat needed a r&b dude  n e ole ways so i  was like bet ima give him a try. To make a long story short da kid did his thang and ive been messing wit him sinse seven years ago cuz he shocked me as far as his work. Not even to mention he even gets down on the rappin side but yal not ready fa dat yet. Just mess wit the boy vocals he is my go to guy for some of da material needed on my r&b features. Once u give him a try, I’ll gaurantee he will be yours also.Gauranteed!!!!!


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