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Lets Introduce Ourselves!!


For those of you who are just visiting, let me start off by saying….


I’m excited to have potentially gained a new friend!  Here on my blog I will be posting tons of information on the new and exciting things to come.  I have soooooo much in store, it will definitely be a fun roller coaster ride!  Things such as, writing of books, training for natural bodybuilding competitions, videos, inspirational messages, my personal music & songwriting for Phenomenal Recording Artists such as Mandy Barry.  So if you’re a fan of Good Music and a Good Message, then make sure you visit my blog to get what’s new, hot, & straight out of the oven! haha

That’s not it!!

I also will be posting inspirational messages that “I FEEL” will Deeefiiiiinately be uplifting, that will help bring a more positive outlook on your day & potentially life changing!!

Wait , wait….that’s not it either!!

I’m very down to earth.  Some might say, ” to real.”  So I will definitely tell you the truth on things, without trying to cover it up.  HEY, we’re new friends right?  AND you want your friend to be honest with you, ALL THE TIME :).

I’ll let you know things that I apply to my life when dealing with “Training” (Working out), tips that has definitely worked for me, and what is currently working.  Don’t hesitate to leave comments, your thoughts on posts that I put up.  I want to read your thoughts!

So Join Me!!